Double Circle Firewood Rack

£260.00 GBP

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The firewood rack is designed with two compartments to securely hold the logs in place and prevent them from slipping out, even small pieces. The closed side walls and back wall of the shelf provide additional support and protection for your living room wall.

The shelf has a modern and simple design that complements the rustic appearance of the firewood. It is a functional and practical addition to your stove or fireplace, fitting into almost any living room or fireplace room due to its simple shape and elegant appearance.

The firewood rack is made from the highest quality British and EU steel, with all materials locally sourced. It comes fully assembled, making it easy to set up and use in your home.

Overall, this firewood rack is a stylish and practical solution for storing firewood indoors, with a durable design that will last for years to come.


  • Height: 1100 mm
  • Width: 550 mm (Left-Right)
  • Length: 500 mm (Front-Back)
  • Material: 3mm Steel (BS EN standards traceable back to reputable steel mills)
  • Approximate Weight: 30.4kg
  • Colour: Black