Lantern Fire Pit

£550.00 GBP

Introducing our Lantern Fire Pit, the perfect addition to your outdoor activities, backyard, camping trips, garden parties, and more! With its sturdy design and hexagon shape, this metal fireplace is convenient to move around, providing warmth and comfort wherever you need it.

The unique hexagon shape of this outdoor fire pit extends the heating effects, allowing for more heat and warmth to radiate throughout your outdoor space. Its capacious hexagon bowl can hold plenty of wood, keeping the fire burning bright and letting more heat flow toward you and your guests.

Crafted from heavy-duty steel with a special black coating, our Garden fire pit is built to last. The fire pit is stable and durable, making it perfect for long-term outdoor use. Its heat resistance paint ensures that it won't fade easily, maintaining its sleek and stylish appearance for years to come.

With its deep and wide pits, this fire pit can hold more wood than other models, making it perfect for larger gatherings or longer events. The Lantern Fire Pit is fully assembled and fabricated, so there's no need for any additional assembly or complicated instructions.

All of our products are made using the finest British/EU steels, sourced within a 10-mile radius of our UK factory. You can trust the quality and craftsmanship of our Lantern Fire Pit to provide warmth and comfort for you and your loved ones during your outdoor activities.


  • Height: 1600mm
  • Width: 750 mm (Left-Right)
  • Length: 750 mm (Front-Back)
  • Material: 3mm Steel (BS EN standards traceable back to reputable steel mills)
  • Approximate Weight: 30kg
  • Colour: Black